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Tips for Scheduling Payments in Bill Pay

NuMarks Bill Pay

Great news! NuMark members now have an upgraded Bill Pay service which allows you to pay your bills quickly and easily from your desktop or smart phone.

When you are scheduling a payment, there are two dates to consider: the due date and the process date.

Due Date – this is the date you choose to have your payment arrive at the payee.
Process Date – this is the date that funds will be pulled from your account in order to have your payment arrive by the due date.

Your process date may vary.

Bill Pay partners with payees to make payments as efficiently as possible, which means ACH and single-use pre-paid cards are the preferred method. Depending on how your payment is being made (ACH, single-use pre-paid card or check) the Process Date may vary. ACH or single-use pre-paid cards generally have a process date of one day prior to the Payment Date. However, checks are sent through the mail, so they may require a Process Date that is several days prior to the due date. When you make your payment, you will see the process date listed under the Due Date box.

Here’s an example.

Your rent or mortgage is due on the first of the month, and you set the first of the month as your due date. If this item is being paid with a check, the Process Date will be several days before the first of the month to ensure the payment arrives on time. Remember, the Process Date is the date your account will be debited so that the payee is receiving collected funds. This means your rent or mortgage could be debited several days in advance of the Due Date.

While you will need to plan ahead to make sure the funds are available, you won’t be waiting on the check to clear your account. If your payment is going to Midwest Loan Services specifically, we highly encourage you to establish an ACH payment directly with Midwest Loan Services, as this is the most efficient and convenient payment method.

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