Frequently Asked Questions


NuMark Credit Union membership is open to people who live or work in a defined geographic area approved by our regulator which includes Northeastern Illinois and North West Indiana. NuMark membership is also open to employees of our 260 Select Employee Groups and to family members of our current members. See Map

You can read our privacy statement here. Also, you can request to have a privacy statement mailed to you by calling us or mailing your request to NuMark Credit Union, PO Box 2729, 1654 Terry Drive, Joliet IL, 60436.

A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative. As a not-for-profit cooperative institution, a credit union uses excess earnings to offer members more affordable loans, a higher return on savings, lower fees or new products and services. A credit union is operated entirely by and for their members. Once you deposit money in a credit union, you become a member since your deposit represents your ownership share in the credit union.

If you work for a company that offers Payroll Deduction, you can have part of your check deposited automatically into your accounts. Some employers allow Direct Deposit, which deposits your entire paycheck directly into your NuMark Account on payday. In addition, Social Security, pension or any other recurring federal payments can be deposited directly into your account.

Yes! Membership is open to all family members, including your spouse, children, parents, siblings and grandparents. Your family members can join us even if they live out of our geographic area.

Yes — your money is safe! Credit Unions are strictly regulated financial institutions. Here at NuMark Credit Union your savings is federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency. NuMark Credit Union is the largest federally insured credit union in Will County.

In some ways, yes. That is, a credit union offers a wide variety of financial services comparable to a commercial bank. However, unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned and operated by its members who save and borrow there. There are no outside stockholders. Our board of directors is made up of unpaid volunteers who are elected from and by our membership. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, earnings are returned to members in the form of rebates, dividends, lower loan rates, higher interest rates on deposits, and fewer fees.

There are several ways to change your address.
1) Login to your online account on your computer or laptop and click the “Secure Forms” tab and select “Address Change” and complete all the information.
2) Stop into any NuMark Credit Union location and update your address in person.
3) You can submit your change of address request in writing. Make sure you sign your name three times. You can Fax to 815-773-6194 OR mail to NuMark Credit Union, PO Box 2729, Joliet, IL 60434.

You are welcome to apply for a loan at any time.

In most cases, you can contact your employer’s Payroll/Human Resources Department to sign up for either of these services. You will need your NuMark Account Number and NuMark’s Routing# 271985213. If they are unable to help you, please call us at 815-729-3211.

You can make deposits in person, by mail, through an electronic ACH transaction, or automatically through direct deposit/payroll deduction. Each office location has a “Night Drop” box which allows you to drop off your deposit after-hours.

To join the credit union, you must complete a membership application and make a deposit of at least $5, which must remain in your account as long as you are a member. This deposit represents your “share” of ownership in the credit union and provides access to all of our products and services.

Having your company become a Select Employee Group is easy! Just call us at 815-729-3211 and we’ll put you in touch with one of our branch managers.

Yes, we do. Postage Stamps are available at any of our teller lines.

Yes, we do. This service is free of charge to our NuMark members and is available at any of our branch locations.

Yes, we do. Money Orders are available at any of our branch locations.

No — when you join NuMark Credit Union, your membership is good for life, no matter where you live or work, as long as you maintain your accounts in good standing. With NuMark Internet Banking, Online Bill Pay, Visa Check Card, Direct Deposit and Audio Response, it is easy to access your account even if you move far away!

Credit unions do pay taxes – payroll, sales, and property taxes. However, Congress exempts credit unions from federal income taxes. Credit unions are unique and different from other financial institutions, and we are a vital financial choice for over 100 million Americans and over 208 million members worldwide. For more information please click here.