Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

NuMark Credit Union accepts the trust you have placed in us to protect your personal and financial information. In our ongoing efforts to provide the most convenient and competitive products and services, we place member confidentiality above all else.

NuMark Credit Union maintains strong security controls to ensure that member information in our files and in our computers is protected. NuMark uses the latest technology available toward this end. A password, which you select, is required to access your account. Multi-Factor Authentication is required and will send a one-time pin to a phone or e-mail account that is registered to the user. NuMark Online is protected by strong encryption protocols and can be validated by an EV certificate. NuMark Online is not directly connected to the Internet. Data that is transmitted from the server must first pass through a firewall which blocks inappropriate connections to other computers on a network.

Our site is hosted by Zag Interactive. They have taken steps to ensure that NuMark members can do business privately and securely over the Internet. The data the server collects is standard, nonidentifying information about visits to our site, such as date and time visited, IP address, city, state, and country. This information is used for statistical purposes only.

Once you’ve applied for NuMark Online, our data system records contain online information which enables us to process and confirm your transactions. NuMark will use your information in the course of normal business only to provide the products and services you request.

We have never sold and never will sell information about you to a third party. Some of our products and services require third party providers. We make sure these entities adhere to our same strict privacy policy tenets.