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Save By Refinancing Your Auto

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Did you know you can refinance your auto loan? That’s right. Just because you closed on that loan a couple years ago doesn’t mean you have stay with that interest rate and lender to the end.  Regardless of your financial goals, refinancing your auto loan offers many advantages.

  1. Your interest rate is high. Sometimes in our exuberance to purchase a vehicle we end up paying a higher interest rate or with time auto loan rates drop. If you shop around, you might find other financial institutions like NuMark Credit Union may have a lower interest rate which would save you money.
  2. Your credit score went up. If you have been paying your loans on time and reducing your outstanding debt, chances are your credit score may have improved. If that is the case, you should qualify for a lower interest rate.
  3. You would like to reduce your monthly payments. A monthly auto payment can be a big chunk of your personal budget. By refinancing your auto loan, you can often reduce your monthly payment by lengthening the term of your loan or reducing your interest rate.
  4. You would like to pay off your loan faster. If your financial situation allows it, you can shorten the term of your loan to pay off your auto faster. With a shorter term, your monthly payment will probably go up, but you will pay off your loan faster and often pay less in interest overall.
  5. Lose Your Co-signer.  When you got your auto loan you may have needed a co-signer, especially if you had little to no credit.  Over time as you make your payments on time and build your credit, you can refinance your loan so a co-signer is no longer needed. Now you can be on the loan by yourself giving you the feeling of independence and freedom.

If you think you would benefit from refinancing your auto loan, contact us. Our financial service representatives would be happy to assess your situation to save you the most money.

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