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CU Kind Day & Mobile Food Truck Events

October & November 2021 – During this season of giving back, NuMark’s staff came together to support the community. They participated in the Illinois Credit Union League’s CU Kind Day and sponsored two Northern Illinois Mobile Food Trucks.

CU Kind Day is facilitated by the Illinois Credit Union League and encourages a state-wide initiative to spread kindness. NuMark happily joined 66 credit union partners who also participated in this day of giving back.

On October 11, 2021, 48 NuMark staff and family members rolled up their sleeves to make a difference in the communities NuMark serves. NuMark had two groups of volunteers: one group spent the day with The Bridge Teen Center Thrift Store and another group helped the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry to host a mobile food truck.

While at The Bridge Teen Center, NuMark Staff helped to organize and inspect clothing donations for their thrift store. They packed 260 bags of clothing which helped 13 students attend the facility for FREE for a full YEAR! At the mobile food truck for the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry, NuMark helped provide healthy and nutritious food for 84 individuals.

In total, NuMark’s staff provided 150 volunteer hours to support these two amazing organizations. “I feel like we all have a moral obligation as humans to not only share kindness but to help in the community we live in,” says Sunny Patel, Branch Manager.  “When my family and I have an opportunity to give back in the community, we feel a special type of joy in our hearts that gives us comfort knowing that we helped or even made a difference in someone’s life that we don’t even know.  It’s very special.”

NuMark Staff in front of Northern Illinios Food Bank Truck

During the month of November, NuMark partnered with the Northern Illinois Food Bank and sponsored two mobile food truck events. On November 4th, at Mercy Housing in Batavia, IL, NuMark helped to provide food to 123 individuals in 59 households. On November 10th, at Joliet VA-Hope Manor Housing, NuMark provided food to 402 individuals in 123 households. In total, NuMark helped over 500 people to receive nutritious food!

Northern Illinois Food Bank Truck passing out food.

“We believe in the Northern Illinois Food Bank’s mission to solve hunger by giving much-needed groceries to those who are food insecure,” says Kari Endres, Vice President of Marketing. “Doing good feels good and we look forward to these events where we can help make life a little bit easier for families in need.”

To date, NuMark has raised over $37,000. For each dollar raised, the Northern Illinois Food Bank can provide $8 worth of nutritious food. To learn more, visit



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