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Membership + Loyalty = NuRewards

Choosing NuMark Credit Union for your financial service needs helps you save time and money. Now you can earn rewards too! Our rewards program is simple: You choose your reward level by how many products and services you have with us. The more services you have with NuMark, the more points you will earn and the more benefits you will receive. It’s all a benefit of being a part of the NuMark Credit Union Family.


Bonus Rewards

Reward Redemption Amount
NuMark Acrylic Tumbler 3,100
NuMark Umbrella 6,200
Free Box of NuMark Checks 15,500
NuMark Stadium Blanket (Seasonal) 18,600
NuMark Beach Towel (Seasonal) 18,600
NuMark Commuter Mug 21,700
NuMark Cooler 24,800
NuMark Fee Waiver 27,900
Mini Weber Grill 38,750
Personal Gift Catalog 54,250

*NuRewards accumulate each month and automatically expire after 36 months. Bonus rewards items can be redeemed locally and are subject to availability. Any shipping will be at the account holder’s expense. We are currently restocking NuMark branded items. New items will be available after April 22.

Membership Rewards

Membership Tier Levels Basic 000-499
Advantage 500-799 Points Premier 800+
Access to Over 5,600 Shared Branches Nationwide
Access to Over 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs
Free Mobile Deposit
Free Debit Card Purchase Rewards
Free Debit Card Round-up
Exclusive Discounts through Love My Credit Union
Free E-Statements
Free iPay Online Bill Pay
Free NuMark Online/Mobile Banking
Free Cashier’s Check (1/Mo.)
Free Money Orders (1/Mo.)
Free CU Money General Purpose Cards (1Mo.)
Free CU Money Travel Cards (1/Mo.)
Free Cashier’s Checks (3/Mo.)
Free Money Orders (3/Mo.)
Free CU Money Gift Cards (2/Mo.)
Free CU Money General Purpose Cards (2/Mo.)
Free CU Money Travel Cards (2/Mo.)
Free Paper Statements
Free Coin Counting (Warrenville Location Only)
Free Domestic Wire Transfer (4/Year)
Free Rush Debit Card Replacement (1/Year)
Free Title Correction with New Auto Refinance

See our fee schedule for a complete list of applicable fees.


How to Earn Points with NuRewards

The more NuMark products and services you take advantage of, the more NuRewards you’ll earn.*


NuRewards Point Values

Item Points Earned
Checking Account 75
IRA Share or IRA Certificate of Deposit 50
Goal Saver Account 25
Money Market Account 25
Certificate of Deposit 25
Every Year of Membership (after 5) 5
Any Negative Share Account (per account) -100


Loan Points

Item Points Earned
Mortgage 500
Home Equity Loan or HELOC 200
Vehicle Loan 100
Elan Credit Card 50
Personal Line of Credit 50
Any Delinquent Loan >30 days (per loan) -200


Additional Product & Service Points

Item Points Earned
ACH Deposit >$500 (aggregated monthly) 150
Active Online/Mobile Banking 50
Active Debit Card 50
Enrolled in E-Statements 50
Enrolled in Online Bill Pay 25
Enrolled in Automatic Loan Payments 25


Reaching Premier Level Status

Here is just one example of reaching Premier Status. You pick the products and services that work best for you.

Item Points Earned
ACH Deposit >$500 (aggregated monthly) 150
Active Debit Card 50
Active Online/Mobile Banking 50
Automatic Loan Payment 25
Checking 75
Elan Credit Card 50
Enrolled in E-Statements 50
Enrolled in Online Bill Pay 25
Goal Saver 25
Vehicle Loan 100
Total:   800            


*Reward point values are subject to change without notice. Not all members will qualify for all products and services. Some restrictions apply. Overall household relationship determines your rewards level each month. Points readjust each month; therefore, your benefit level may change from month to month. Points are non-transferable for the purpose of tier level benefits.