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In the early 1980s, Long before it was Numark Credit Union, I began taking money out of my check to save for a rainy day. I worked in Lyons for United States Cold Storage. My first experience with a credit union was a very simple office above a welding shop in Lyons. After a few years it became Dynamic Credit Union. Much improved, Dynamic helped me and my family grow and improve our lives.

When Dynamic was merged into Numark, the experience became even more streamlined and I saw growth in my family and the abilities to work hard, invest and work with the good people at Numark to achieve bigger and better things. Now on the 2nd generation of car loans and life improvement loans, my kids now go to them for their needs. Numark has helped my family experience 4-6 new vehicles, consolidation loans and aided in bettering our lives.

Though we’ve moved out of the area, we still use Numark and always will! Thank you for all you do to good people there! The best of experiences!!!

Chuck G.