NuMark Credit Union Offers Free Youth Workshop For Teens From CREO DuPage

NuMark Credit Union Staff member with a CREO DuPage Student at one of the Mad City Money stations

May 2022 – NuMark Credit Union hosted a youth financial literacy workshop called Mad City Money on Saturday, May 14th at the Todd. M Beamer Student Center on the Wheaton College campus. Those who were in attendance were from CREO DuPage. CREO DuPage’s mission is to provide families with college-centered services that will prepare students to not only enter college, but also graduate from college with a degree that will lead to a fulfilling career.

Students from CREO DuPage participated in the Mad City Money mobile app workshop. This mobile based app gives students the opportunity to take the role of an adult in the virtual world of Mad City. They are given jobs, income, a family, and debt. The challenge is to visit merchants to select housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing, daycare, and other wants and needs while building and staying within their budget.

“It was a very fun and interacting way for students to see what budgeting is like,” said CREO DuPage Representative, Cynthia Diaz. “What I liked the most about the Mad City Money workshop was how the app allowed students to make purchases, expontaneous good and bad expenses, and if they had money left over having the option to put their money into savings or paying off debt.”

NuMark Credit Union offers this free workshop to various organizations who are looking to provide financial literacy programs to their members. “Partnering with NuMark has been so beneficial to CREO because it has allowed our students to begin thinking about what kinds of financial decisions they will have to make,” said Cynthia. “Everyone from NuMark that participated in the workshop was so nice and helpful. Staff members from NuMark answered questions from our students and gave tips that they should look out for when making financial decisions and I know this will be something students will remember when they are making decisions in their real lives!”

If you would like to partner with NuMark Credit Union to host one of these free financial literacy workshops, please contact or call 815-729-3211 to learn more.

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