Get to Know the NuSaver Force Team

Meet Zap

Meet Zap!

Zap is a girl who loves to SAVE and has the power to zap your money into savings. In Zap’s adventures, she looks for ways to save money and plan for the future.

With Zap, you’ll learn about:
•  Short-term saving goals
•  Long-term saving goals
•  Where to Keep your money safe

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Meet Zoom

Meet Zoom!

Zoom is a boy who loves to SPEND and has super flight. In Zoom’s adventures, he shows that it is okay to spend money as long as you buy things that you can afford.

With Zoom, you’ll learn about:
•  Money management
•  Creating a budget
•  The difference between Needs vs Wants

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Meet ZipMeet Zip!

Zip is a girl who loves to SHARE and has super speed. In Zip’s adventures, she shows how sharing money can help others and make the world a better place.

With Zip, you’ll learn about:
•  Donating to charities
•  Community outreach
•  Sharing with others

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