NuMark Credit Union Helps Support Local Restaurants with Community Giveback

Community Giveback

It is a challenging time for our communities and NuMark Credit Union is reaching out to help local restaurants by purchasing staff lunches twice a week from locally owned restaurants near their five branches. As NuMark board member, Wally Chlipala says, “It is a tough time for Mom and Pop restaurants right now. Supporting these family restaurants is what being a part of the NuMark family is all about.”

NuMark would like to encourage others to follow their lead. They are sharing the names of the local restaurants in their lobbies and on their social media pages asking members to support locally owned restaurants in their area as well.

“As the colder weather approaches, it is going to be even harder for local restaurants to survive. They need our support and will rely heavily on takeout orders,” says Ann M. Dubie, President and CEO of NuMark Credit Union. “We hope other credit unions will consider starting similar programs in their own communities. We all work to make a difference.”

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