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Mobile Check Deposit: 9 Tips to Ensure They Go Smoothly


Mobile Check Deposit: 9 Tips to Ensure They Go Smoothly

At NuMark Credit Union, we are happy to offer our members Mobile Check Deposit in our mobile app. Depositing checks through the App is very convenient. Our Accounting Team would like to remind everyone the same check rules apply. Here are tips and tricks to help you avoid a trip to a branch and avoid fraud.

Make sure the check is completed correctly
Before you snap a picture, ensure the check is payable to you or someone else on your account. Make sure the numeric dollar amount matches the written dollar amount.  For example, One Hundred Dollars and no cents must match with $100.00 written in the box. If those numbers don’t match only the amount written in words can be accepted. Lastly, make sure the person issuing the check signed the bottom right hand corner. Unsigned checks will not be deposited.

Endorse the check
Don’t forget to endorse the back of the check by signing your name and writing “Via Mobile Deposit at NuMark” under your name.  This lets the check holder know who received the funds. Some check printers have added a check box in the endorsement area on the back for mobile check deposit.

Take a better picture
Be sure to take a clear image of the check with all four corners showing. Don’t hold the check when you’re photographing it: set it down on a solid surface so the picture is steady and not blurry. Only the check should be in the frame. No stray papers, credit cards, or any other visual distractions should be seen. Make sure we can see the bottom account number line clearly. If we can’t see the account number we will not be able to accept the deposit.

Confirm the check status – Twice
Some checks do get rejected after inspection due to a poor photo or missing information. You will receive an email or text alert when the deposit is accepted or rejected. You can also confirm that the money went into your account by viewing your mobile app and/or logging into your online account through our website.

Keep deposited checks for 60 days
After you have deposited your check through the app, be sure you keep it in a safe place. Sometimes we will contact you about the deposit and may need you to bring it to the branch. If we contact you it will usually be within 24 – 48 hours after the deposit was made. We require you keep checks deposited through our app for 60 days. After 60 days checks should destroyed in a paper shredder or at a NuMark Credit Union shred day. This helps prevents fraud and dumpster divers from finding old checks and stealing check information.

Never deposit a check from someone you don’t know
Never deposit a check from someone you don’t personally know. Checks received through the mail are most likely part of a scam.  If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of a check you received from someone, please bring it to a NuMark Credit Union location so we can assist you.  Beware of scams. One recent scam we have seen is when someone applies for a loan online, and the “lender” asks for your home banking credentials to deposit the funds to your account.  NEVER give someone access to your mobile app to deposit a check on your behalf. By being proactive, you could avoid being scammed and losing money.

Deposited checks are subject to check holds
Just like checks deposited at the teller line, checks deposited through our mobile app are subject to Regulation CC holds which monitor availability of funds and collection of checks. If an extended check hold is placed on a mobile deposit, we will contact you to let you know.

Avoid redepositing a check by mistake
If someone in your household deposits a check through our mobile app without telling you, you might deposit it a second time. When this mistake happens, we will contact you to alert you to the issue. To keep things organized, clearly write “via mobile deposit” and the deposit date on the back of the check when you’re depositing the item.

Some checks cannot be deposited
For your protection, you can only deposit checks in the amount of $3,000 or less daily. For example, you can deposit 5 checks for $600 or 1 check for $3,000. Checks over $3,000 must be deposited at one of our branch locations. In addition, IRS treasury checks, third party checks, post-dated checks, stale-dated checks, and checks made payable to non-account holders cannot be deposited through our app. They must be deposited in person at one of our locations.

While we love to see our members, we want to help you avoid unwanted trips to our branches. By following these tips and tricks, your mobile check deposits are more likely to go through smoothly the first time. We are available if you have any questions.

~NuMark Accounting Team

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