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Everyday Life Events Can Result in Tax Suprises

Whether you’re getting married or divorced, welcoming a new baby, sending a child off to college, changing jobs, or retiring—most life events have tax implications. While some of these events result in welcome new credits and deductions, others can result in unwanted surprises.

That’s why tax planning is a core component of our comprehensive approach to wealth management. We’re passionate about ensuring you understand the relationship between taxes and the financial and investment decisions you make at every stage of your life.

We’re committed to working with you and your tax professional to evaluate the impact of any changes in your life relative to your financial strategies, and helping to coordinate the recommendations you receive from your tax professionals.

We’re always happy to meet with any friends or family members you feel would benefit from our assistance.

If you have questions or would like to discuss any financial topics you are encouraged to contact NuMark Financial Solutions located here at NuMark Credit Union. Feel free to talk to anyone at your local branch or contact Jim Benages directly at (815) 744-6830 to schedule a no obligation consultation or second opinion.

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