Visa Debit Cards

VISA Debit Cards

We have multiple ways to pay with the NuMark VISA Debit Card. When you make purchases with your Debit Card, money is deducted directly from your NuMark Checking Account. Your Contactless NuMark Credit Union Debit Card has the same protection as a chip card, so it’s always a secure way to pay. Pay at millions of locations with one simple, secure tap.

Debit Car Tap to Pay

Use your Debit Card anywhere VISA is accepted

Your PIN – Call 866-985-2273 to select or change your Personal Identification Number.

How to Use Tap to Pay:

tap to pay step one exampletap to pay step 2 exampletap to pay step 3 example
See if your Visa card has a Contactless Indicator Tap to Pay Iconon it, then find the Contactless Symbol Official Tap to Pay symbolat checkout.When prompted, simply tap your Visa contactless card over the Contactless Symbol Official Tap to Pay symbolto make a payment.Your payment is processed in seconds. Once your payment is confirmed, you’re good to go.

NuMark Credit Union is now issuing Contactless Debit Cards to members at the time of their current debit card expiration.

Get Your NuMark VISA Debit Today!

NuMark checking account required. Some restrictions apply. For a current Fee Schedule, please visit your nearest NuMark branch or call 815-729-3211 to have one sent to you. Call us at 815-729-3211 or visit our Checking page to get started today.