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Living a Life of Service

NuMark Board Members

A Heart for Service

NuMark Credit Union’s purpose has always been focused on serving our members and the community. Led by our volunteer board of directors: Richard Sheedy, Dave Harris, Dave Cordero, Cliff Struthers, Tim Rathbun, Ray Eich, Wally Chlipala, Jim Maguire, and Cheryl Walsh (Director at large); NuMark Credit Union is run by a dedicated group of individuals who have a heart for service.

One thing that is for certain our board of directors are instrumental in NuMark’s success. “I am privileged to work with them,” said Ann Dubie, President and CEO. “The passion they have for the Board and for this country is pretty remarkable.”

Most of NuMark’s board members are also Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Richard Sheedy served in the US Army Reserves. Wally Chlipala, Ray Eich and Dave Cordero served in the US Army. David Harris served for the US Navy Submarines. Tim Rathbun served for the US Navy. Cliff Struthers served 6 years in all three branches, the Navy, Army and Reserves.

Military service and community service all go hand in hand. When asked how their military service experience has helped them to become successful credit union leaders, they all stated the skills that they acquired in the military were irreplaceable. Decision-making, discipline and dedication are key skills that every leader should possess. “I learned to work with groups to accomplish duties that needed to be done to complete our mission.” explained Ray Eich.

Several members of the board have participated in placing flags at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery on Independence Day honoring those who have fought for our country. Wally Chlipala and Dave Harris have sponsored the Wreaths Across America project at NuMark. Donated wreaths are placed on veteran’s grave sites at all the National Cemeteries each December to honor veterans and their families.

By working with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, food services are provided for veterans. On September 13, 2018, their Mobile Food Truck was stationed at Hope Manor, which is a housing facility for veterans in Joliet, IL. Board members were there to volunteer in the 80 degree heat. Collectively, we were able to provide groceries to over 90 veteran families.

What is truly remarkable is that our board has helped provide housing for other veterans as well. Spearheaded by Ray Eich, a home in Marseilles, IL was obtained and is in the process of being repaired so it can be given to a veteran in need of housing.

Our board is also involved in the beautification of Chicago. Dave Harris served on a Diesel Submarine in the 60’s and is affiliated with the United States Submarine Veterans of America. Beginning in early 2019, construction for the new USSVI Memorial will be built in downtown Chicago on the River Walk in between Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue. “It was major project. We’ve been working on it for six years,” says Harris. “It has been a long time coming, but worth it.”

NuMark’s mission to enrich the financial lives of our members stands strong and true with our Board of Directors leading us. “Our board members have the best interests of the NuMark Credit Union members and employees at heart.” says Dubie.

The desire to help people has kept our board members serving NuMark for long time for over 30, 40 even 50 years. Former Chairman Wally Chlipala shared, “I volunteered because wanted to be a part of a great organization. Helping to grow NuMark into a leading Credit Union in our area is why I do it.”

“Volunteering for NuMark is like a family. We all get along and work together well,” shares Cliff Struthers. Similarly, Tim Rathbun says, “I enjoy the people and learning what I can while being a board member.”

As you can see, NuMark’s board of directors generously pour their energy into the credit union to serve our members and the community. Dave Harris probably said it best when asked why he continues to volunteer for NuMark, “It is my personal philosophy and political feeling, people helping people.”

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