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NuMark has been a great credit union to work with. The staff here are amazing and make coming in a quick and easy process. Bria is always there for me and my family. Always ready to help with our transaction and quick to help is any issues or concerns we are having. She’s the reason I come in to this location for anything related to my accounts with NuMark. Her smile and small talk always makes me smile and she is very professional about her work.

Andrew S.

When everyone else said no, NuMark worked on a solution and made it possible. Now I have my dream car, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Brandon P.

In the early 1980s, Long before it was Numark Credit Union, I began taking money out of my check to save for a rainy day. I worked in Lyons for United States Cold Storage. My first experience with a credit union was a very simple office above a welding shop in Lyons. After a few years it became Dynamic Credit Union. Much improved, Dynamic helped me and my family grow and improve our lives.

When Dynamic was merged into Numark, the experience became even more streamlined and I saw growth in my family and the abilities to work hard, invest and work with the good people at Numark to achieve bigger and better things. Now on the 2nd generation of car loans and life improvement loans, my kids now go to them for their needs. Numark has helped my family experience 4-6 new vehicles, consolidation loans and aided in bettering our lives.

Though we’ve moved out of the area, we still use Numark and always will! Thank you for all you do to good people there! The best of experiences!!!

Chuck G.

I’ve been with NuMark credit union since I started working at Ecolab 24 years ago. They have helped me with purchasing my first home to helping with my every day needs and current purchases. Your tellers are always very nice and helpful every time I go to any of your offices. Bigger named banks are not for me. NuMark credit union is my go-to! Thank you and great job!

Daniel P.

If anyone wants to experience small-town banking, then they need to visit the Sublette branch of NuMark Credit Union. All of the employees are more than willing to help with all of our transactions! Their friendly smiles are always a blessing to see when you walk into a financial institution!

Donald A.

The Countryside team always delivers excellent customer service from start to finish! I am happy to have NuMark for all my financial needs.

James D.

I have been a member of this credit union in Bridgeport for 30 years. It has changed owners a couple times, but the staff has mostly remained the same. And they are all great super helpful and friendly. Like I have my own personal bankers. I love it here. I have a business and personal account, have taken loans out. Pretty much done it all. I also have been a member at a couple different banks and have closed those accounts because they don’t hold a candle to the personal touch and great rates, I get at NuMark Credit union.

Jason C.

If you ‘aint banking NumMark, you ‘aint banking at all. Huge shout to all the entire crew at the Countryside branch. From the tellers to the branch managers, you all go the extra mile and customers like me are very grateful.

Juan C.

I have been with NuMark 35 years (since I was 15). I have been through many changes and each one NuMark has been there to help me manage through many of them. The staff has always been professional and tried to go above beyond to work in my best interest. I received a “thank you” bonus added into my savings account. This right here is what puts you at the top. To remember your members and show appreciation is what makes you stay atop of the success chain. Thank you!

Karie T.

One winter evening I was at home and l noticed a sound coming from the basement so I went to go check it out and come to find out my furnace was running rough and It went out on me and it would be getting cold outside. So the next morning I went to NuMark and let them know I need a small loan for a furnace and without hesitation they drew up the paperwork and cut me a.check for the new furnace. The next day I had a.brand new furnace and the winter was rolling in 2 days later. Thanks NuMark, lifesaver…

Otis B.

As always, our business with NuMark is handled quickly and precisely! The tellers are welcoming and helpful with any issues that may develop! Keep up the great job!!

Paul K.

My husband and I were members of the Credit Union before they changed their name to Numark, so many years ago in the early 1980’s. We have financed a home, cars, personal loans, home equity loans, you name it! We joined during a time when “regular banking institutions” were requiring $500.00 or more minimum balance in order to have a checking account with no fees.

That was impossible for us to have at any given moment when we were struggling to pay bills. We researched and found the credit union, we have never looked back! Our whole family, immediate and extended and even friends are members of Numark, that is saying a lot! Numark Credit Union represents us, has our best interest always in the forefront. We trust Numark to protect what we have worked our whole lives for.

Susanne W.

Been a member for over 20 years for a reason. Drive in always friendly and efficient. Flawless direct deposits, great rate on car AND personal loan, and convenient location makes the perfect fit for me and my family.

Todd R.

There is no other business of any type that we have had a relationship with even remotely comparable to our superlative decades long experience with NuMark Credit Union. NuMark’s broad range of financial services, competitive interest rates, and most of all its consistently superb customer service provided by the best staff anywhere has maintained us as happy and totally satisfied customers. In fact, 2021 is our 30th anniversary as loyal members of the NuMark Credit Union family, and we will absolutely remain enthusiastic “NuMarkers” always!

Ken and Karen C.

We are very happy members at NuMark Credit Union. My husband and I are very pleased of the service Mrs. Courtney has provided for us. She immediately answers all of our questions and is very professional. Mrs. Courtney Rosalez is amazing! Thank you so much for having such a wonderful worker at NuMark Credit Union.

Celia and Aaron R.

My husband and I just completed the purchase of a new vehicle and a refinance of our existing vehicle with Jackie H. Jackie was very knowledgeable and responsive to us during both processes, and was able to close both loans seamlessly. We are so grateful to her for everything!!!!

John and Kahleen R.

Thanks to NuMark, I was able to keep my eBay business going. When eBay forced all of its sellers into Managed Payments, I was able to open up a separate account with NuMark to handle the transactions. I appreciate that NuMark has no minimum balances and maintenance fees on savings and checking accounts.

Mike K.

We opted to go with a local lender instead of a giant national corporation, and couldn’t be more pleased. Out of all the major players in the space, Numark blew them all away. Our loan officer Susan was incredible! She answered questions at any time of day/night, and was so thorough in explaining the costs and process of our mortgage. Thanks Susan!

Chris W.

Darien, IL

“Susan Pfeiffer was our mortgage originator out of Crest Hill and she is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Finding a home was easy, trying to close during a pandemic was crazy when everyone is working remotely from home, but Susan went above and beyond to ensure a timely close, while reassuring us through the process. We strongly recommend her and NuMark CU. You won’t regret it!”

Dawn E.

I recently opened up my first business checking and savings account. Decided to with a credit union instead of the big banks. The staff at the Numark Tinley Park location were very kind, helpful and hospitable. I worked with Julie Smith to open my accounts and I was very pleased and comfortable with her. She congratulated me on my new business endeavors and opened my accounts easily and quickly. Looking forward to working with this credit union for my company and if all is well eventually with my personal checking and savings account.

Erica J.

Incredible staff. Justine and Andrea went above and beyond to get me approved on a vehicle. If you are trying to get a loan for a vehicle Numark is definitely somewhere you need to apply. You will not be disappointed!!

Zach S.

What can I say! Numark Credit Union was awesome. I went into the bank and sat with Marilyn Rojas on 1/15/2020 and spoke with her about a personal loan. Marilyn was awesome and provided me with great knowledge on Numark’s products and services.

I was unsure if I wanted to apply for a personal loan at that time; only because past experience really had me questioning what I wanted my next move to be. Marilyn advised me that her manager would be in next day if I wanted to sit and speak with him. On 1/16/2020 I sat with Mack Story branch manager who reinstated exactly what Marilyn told me; I love walking into a place of business where everyone is on the same page, where all employees has the exact same knowledge on products, services and the process.

With my concerns I had with applying for a personal loan Mack was able to do a soft pull on my credit and “pre-approve me” for what I needed. After a few days of getting personal information that the bank needed, I was able to come into the branch and get my loan within 1hr. Friendly staff, awesome service, and a great place to bank! Please see Marilyn or Mack for any lending needs. Have a conversation, NuMark Credit Union is there to help you. You won’t be disappointed!

Robert M.

I have banked with Numark for over 20 years and unless something drastically change I will continue to bank with them. Throughout the years they have helped me and my family out in during times of crisis at times I would have been hesitant to make the loan. They worked with me to get payments I could afford without charging astronomical interest rates. They are fair, and yes, they are like family. If you are looking for a financial institution with a heart, go to Numark. If you allow a bad seed to deter you, you’re doing you and your family a disservice.

Tammie M.

“I love NuMark. When my three kids were in college, Ruben helped me walk through banking online, and I showed my kids how to use it too. Peggy coached me on opening a charge card for each of them and I co-signed, so they could build credit while in college. They knew to only use the credit cards for certain things like school supplies or getting gas to drive to internships, because we only put a certain amount of money in the bank account each month for incidentals.

When they graduated, some of their friends were not able to get credit, but I was able to teach my kids how to use a bank account, a credit card and all this stuff when they went to college. I truly feel that the employees at NuMark are so customer-friendly and help treat customers with such patience, gentleness and kindness. I have told so many people about NuMark because we truly love it. I think they are doing God’s work on this earth and it shows in the way they treat people.”

Marty M.

Indian Head Park, IL

We can’t thank Susan Pfeiffer enough for assisting us through our mortgage process. She helped with every question no matter how big or small. She also calmed our nerves many times times as everything became closer and more real. She’s an amazing asset to NuMark and our dream home team!

Katie A.

During my visit at the NuMark Credit Union Branch, in Tinley Park, I was assisted with my loan by Crystal. She quickly evaluated my financial needs, while providing viable options. Her professionalism and wealth of knowledge are definitely assets for your Credit Union. Great work and thanks again for your prompt service.

Catherine C.

Homewood, IL

I have used NuMark since its opening in Crest Hill. I love this place and its employees are always wonderful.

Jenifer R.

We refinanced our home with NuMark Credit Union and worked with Miranda Castillo as our mortgage processor. Since we were out of state, she was awesome to work with – she answered emails and calls right away and helped explain the entire process to us in regards to our options for the loan itself, interest rate, and closing costs. I highly recommend requesting her for the loan process since she is knowledgeable, friendly, and can explain things in the most simplest of terms for non-mortgage folks!

Tina H.

Dyer, IN

Love our NuMark Credit Union and the Zoo! Thank you for your amazing products and awesome people!

Jeff S.

Tinley Park, IL

Closed today on my condo refinancing with NuMark and am thrilled at the money I will be saving monthly!! A very special thanks to my Loan Officer, Susan Pfeiffer in the Crest Hill branch. A true professional, Susan was unfailingly patient in answering my many questions. She did an excellent job of looking out for me and making sure everything went smoothly. It’s so much easier going through a mortgagee process when you are treated with this level of respect & kindness!!!

Marianne H.

Crestwood, IL

This is my second review for NuMark Credit Union – Countryside. Customer service and rates are still topnotch. The staff before was good, but this has even improved. We enjoy all the tellers. They are terrific. Friendly and personable. The teller who stands out the most, and please nothing against the others, it is Miguel Farias. Seems like each time we bank in person he is there. He knows each family member by name, always smiling and laughing. He makes us feel good emotionally. You want to come in and bank in person just to see and talk with Miguel. He is very helpful and will help you set up an appointment if you need to see a financial or loan advisor.

Speaking of a loan advisor. You need to see Dina Triplett. Another fine example of a terrific NuMark employee, She is so helpful and explains everything thoroughly so you understand what you will be financing. She is always willing to go above and beyond to get you the financial assistance you need.

I highly suggest you ask for Dina Triplett if you need a loan.

Definitely a place to bank at. Terrific savings and checking rates and the best loan percentages around.

Alan L.

La Grange, IL

Good people to do business with. Love the family feel. This company is down home and does treat you like family.

V. E.

Hinsdale, IL

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