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Multi-Factor Authentication
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi-Factor Authentication Security?

  • Multi-Factor authentication is a new feature for online banking that gives you and your accounts an additional layer of protection from fraud by using more than one method to confirm your identity.
  • The two components of Multi-factor authentication are:
    1. Something you know
    2. Something you have
  • Traditional authentication schemes used username and password pairs to authenticate users. This provides minimal security, because many user passwords are very easy to guess.
  • In Multi-factor authentication, the username/password still provides the something you know component. In addition to that, the system checks to make sure that you are logging in from a computer that you have personally authorized to access your account. This is the something you have component.
  • This dual approach means that in the event an attacker were able to obtain primary account and password information, they would still be unable to access the account unless they were logging in from a computer that was authorized by the user. This provides a much stronger level of security to protect the user from attacks.

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication necessary?

  • The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council's (FFIEC) has determined that the security provided by a single password may be defeated with new technology being employed by high-tech hackers of today. In response, regulators have mandated that enhanced security precautions be implemented to increase online safety and make accounts more secure while preventing spoofing attempts by look-alike websites.

How does it work?

  • Once the new feature becomes available, the NuMark Online login page will only ask for an account number. Your password will be requested on the second screen. The account number and password will be validated. Then, you will be asked to register your computer and complete a few simple questions. If you prefer, you can select "Not right now, please remind me later" to login immediately and register your computer at a more convenient time from a trusted computer. You will also have the option of downloading the TraceAuthenticate Toolbar.

What is the TraceAuthenticate Toolbar and do I have to download it?

  • The TraceAuthenticate Toolbar provides a stronger level of authentication for MFA and has built-in anti-phishing technology. This allows you to browse the web more securely, even when you're not using NuMark Online. Because of this added security, we've made this toolbar available for you to download.
  • If you decide to download the toolbar, it will serve to authenticate your computer when you log into NuMark Online. This toolbar will also notify you if other websites you visit are known "phishing" sites.
  • If you decide not to download the toolbar, your computer will be authenticated through the use of a secure cookie. If you delete the cookies in your browser, you will be required to enter your secondary password to log into NuMark Online. You will have the chance the authenticate your computer again and replace the cookie.
  • Click here for more detailed information about the toolbar

What are the features of Multi-Factor Authentication?

  • Features of this new security include:
    • Registration of your primary or other trusted computer to allow express logon.
    • Selection of a known phrase so as to insure that you are on a site you know. The unique phrase is only visible when logging on from a registered computer.
    • The ability to logon from other computers using a Security Code or Temporary Key.
    • An option to receive an e-mail or text message upon every logon or attemp

How many computers may I register?

  • You may register as many computers as you wish, but caution must be taken not to register computers accessible by others not authorized to access your accounts (e.g., your local library or at work).

Do I need to change the settings on my computer?

  • You may need to change your Internet privacy and/or security settings to accept third-party cookies for all sites or, if possible, specifically for NuMark Online's website.

How do I register additional computer(s)?

  • When you login to NuMark Online from an unregistered computer, you will be asked if you wish to "Register this computer now" after entering your Security Code using the onscreen keyboard and your mouse. It is that easy! Note: We do not recommend registering computers accessible by others not authorized to access your accounts (e.g., your local library or at work).

How do I login from an unregistered computer?

  • When you attempt to access NuMark Online from an unregistered computer without the secure cookie, you will be asked to enter your Security Code using the onscreen keyboard and your mouse. Correctly typing in the Security Code allows you to access your account.

Am I required to activate Multi-Factor Authentication Security?

  • Yes. To comply with federal regulatory guidelines, activating this additional level of security is mandatory for all online banking users.

Can I update/change my Enhanced Login Security settings once they have been established?

  • Yes. You can update your settings by selecting "Change my settings" located on the second login screen under the Password field. Once you have been authorized, you will be given the opportunity to change and save your settings.

I use more than one browser (e.g., AOL and Internet Explorer) on my computer(s). Which one should I use to register with?

  • You should register your computer from both browsers to ensure the secure cookie is detected upon login.

What is a "cookie"?

  • A cookie is data sent to your computer by a web server that records your actions on a particular website. It is a lot like a preference file or a profile. When you visit the site after being sent the cookie, the site will load certain pages according to the information stored in the cookie.

I don't see my Known Phrase on the second page when logging in. What's wrong?

  • The Known Phrase only appears on a registered computer. It is recommended that you always login from a trusted registered computer. Caution should be taken if you do not see this phrase. If you wish to register additional computers, you will be given a chance to do so after you have entered your Secondary Password using the virtual onscreen keyboard and mouse or entering a requested temporary key. Note: The known phrase may not appear on a previously registered computer if you periodically delete cookies from your PC.

Why do I have a Password as well as a Secondary password and can they be the same?

  • Your PASSWORD is used to access the online banking application while a Secondary Password is used during the login process if logging in from an unregistered computer. It is not recommended that you use the same alpha-numeric string for both your Password and Secondary Password.

Help! I am attempting to login from an unregistered PC and forgot my Secondary Password.

  • No problem. Just start the login process and refresh your memory with the "Reminder" that appears just above the virtual onscreen keyboard. If the Reminder does not help, use the "Click here to Request Temporary Key" located under the onscreen keyboard. A temporary key will be sent to you via text message or email, depending on your preference settings. Once you receive this key, log back in with your Account Number, Password and Temporary Key. Note: A temporary key is valid for approximately one (1) hour and can only be used once.

The login screen is requesting a temporary key be entered, why?

  • A temporary key entry field is visible if one was requested within the last hour. This field will no longer be visible once you successfully login. You may either enter the temporary key received via email or text message or if you remember your Secondary Password, simply enter your Account Number and NuMark Online password, then click "Continue" to reveal your Reminder and virtual onscreen keyboard to login. Note: The use of a mouse is required to select your Secondary Password's characters from the onscreen keyboard.

What happens if my Multi-Factor Authentication Security cookie is deleted or blocked by my anti-virus program?

  • At this time, Multi-Factor will be disabled and you will need to register the computer(s) again or access NuMark Online by using your Secondary Password or the Temporary Key feature.

What happens if I enter an incorrect Password?

  • If you attempt to login with the wrong password, an error message will be displayed. Return to the login screen to try again. You can attempt to login five times before your NuMark Online account is frozen. If your account is frozen, you will need to contact NuMark to verify your identity and have your account unfrozen & password reset.


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