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Zoom Zap and Zip see the NuSaver Force Beacons. They know they must spring into action.

Zip, Zap, and Zoom see the NuSaver Force Beacons light up the sky.
They decide to split up to use their Supersaver Powers to help more people.

Zoom followed his NuSaver signal to the mall and found his friend Kevin.

Kevin explains to Zoom that he wants the new video and needs new shoes, and doesn't know which to spend his money on

Kevin explained to Zoom that he came to the mall to spend his money on new shoes, but now also wants to buy the new video game he’s been waiting for. Kevin doesn’t have enough money to pay for both.

Zoom knew what to do. He began explaining the difference between Needs and Wants.

Wants vs Needs

“A Want is something people would like to have.” Said Zoom. “For you, Kevin, that is the new video game. But a Need is something you must have to live safely. For you, that is the new pair shoes.”

On one side we see Kevin stepping in a puddle with his old broken shoes. He doesn't look very happy to have gotten his feet wet. On the other side we see a picture of Kevin walking in that same puddle with his new shoes on. He looks happy and unfazed by the puddle.

Right now, the new shoes are the more important purchase because your old pair of shoes are not safe to wear.

Thanks to Zoom’s spending advice, Kevin now knows the importance of buying the new shoes he needs.  He wants to be able to walk and play with his friends knowing his feet are going to be safe and warm in the new shoes.

Kevin buys his new shoes.

He tells Zoom that once he saves up some more money, he will come back to the store and buy that new video game.

Zoom has a final message.

Knowing the difference between Needs and Wants helps you make good choices with your money. We can’t have everything we want, so we must learn to choose wisely. When we do, we make sure to buy the things we need first and then save for the things we want.

Wants vs Needs

Put your “Wants vs Needs” skills to the test! Download the activity packet.

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