Zoom Zap and Zip see the NuSaver Force Beacons. They know they must spring into action.

Zip, Zap, and Zoom see the NuSaver Force Beacons light up the sky.
They decide to split up to use their Supersaver Powers to help more people.

Toys for Kids 1

Zip arrives at a home.

Zip follows her NuSaver Force Signal to John and Amy’s home. They explain to Zip that they do not have enough money to buy holiday gifts for their son Dexter this year.

Toys for Kids 2

Zip goes to a park to ask for donations for toys.s

Zip new what to do. She sped to all the parks in town asking for kids to donate their extra toys to the families who cannot afford them this year.

Toys for Kids 3

Zip shows a girl how to donate her toy.

She let them know they could drop off their donations at any helping locations, including NuMark Credit Union!

Toys for Kids 4

Zip and family enjoying the holiday with new gift.

Jon and Amy were able to celebrate the season by giving their son Dexter the toy he always wanted.

Toys for Kids 5

Zip gives final Holiday message.

Every year there are people who do not have enough money to purchase gifts for the Holidays. It is good to think about others to share with those in need.

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NuSaver Force - Maze - Food Bank

Help Zip, Zap, and Zoom move the boxes of food to the Food Bank. Download the activity packet.

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