Zoom Zap and Zip see the NuSaver Force Beacons. They know they must spring into action.

Zip, Zap, and Zoom see the NuSaver Force Beacons light up the sky.
They decide to split up to use their Supersaver Powers to help more people.

Zap meets Emily.

Zap followed her NuSaver signal to her friend Emily’s house. Emily has been invited to her friend Mark’s birthday party in three weeks. She wants to get him a Superhero toy as a gift for his birthday but has no money to pay for it.

Zap knew what to do. She decided to show Emily how to save her money so she could buy Mark a gift.

Zap places coin in piggy bank.

“Every time you earn some money,” explained Zap, “put some of it in a piggy bank. And when you have enough money you can use it to buy the superhero toy for Mark.”

Emily and Zap earn and save money.

Over the next three weeks, Zap helped Emily earn money by doing chores in Emily’s house, walking the neighbor’s dogs, and hosting a lemonade stand.

Emily gives gift to her friend.
Thanks to Zap’s friendly advice and help, Emily was able to buy the superhero toy for Mark’s birthday gift.

Zap has a final message.

It is important to have a goal for saving your money. Once you start earning money, find a safe place to save it. You can save your money safely in a piggy bank or even in a NuSaver Account at NuMark Credit Union.

Zap's Savings Jar

Create your very own savings goals. Download the activity packet.

Open a NuSaver Account

Teach your child how to be responsible with money with a NuSaver Account (Ages 0-12).
Parent or Guardian required as Joint Owner.

Youth Accounts

All of your accounts are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government by the National Credit Union Administration, so your money is safe and sound.