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Fee Schedule

Schedule of Fees

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These fees are applicable to all personal accounts:
Accounts Closed Within 60 Days of Opening $15.00
Account Reconciliation Services $50.00/hour
Account Research Fee $50.00/hour
Bill Payment Related Fees:
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00
Online Banking Transfer by Member FREE
Online Bill Payment FREE
Overnight Paper Payments $22.00 (when available)
Same Day Electronic Payments $12.00 (when available)
Stop Payments $30.00
Certified Check $10.00
Check by Phone $11.00
Check Copy $5.00
Check Cashing Fee
A 1% fee per check amount over $100.00 cashed will be charged to any member who does not have a combined share/checking average balance of $500. Minimum $10. This will NOT affect those members who have more than $500 in combined accounts OR one of the following products with NuMark: an existing loan, a certificate of deposit, or a money market account. To avoid this fee, maintain an average monthly combined share savings/checking balance of $500 and/or participate through any of the services listed above. If a member receives cash back from a check that amounts to 50% or more of the check’s value, it will considered to be a check cashing transaction and will be subject to a fee.
Check send as Collection Item Actual or $10.00 minimum
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee $20.00
Coin Counting Fee (Available at select locations) 5% of Total
Courtesy Pay
Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, in person, in-person withdrawal, Electronic/ACH/Debit or by ATM
Debit Card Related Fees:
ATM Card $4.00/month
ATM Deposited Check Returned Unpaid $15.00
ATM Withdrawal at Non NuMark ATM $1.50 (First 4 Free)
Balance Inquiry at Non NuMark ATM $1.50 (First 4 Free)
Debit Card NSF $30.00
Inactive Debit Card Fee (No use in 6 months or more) $5.00/month
NSF ATM Withdrawal $30.00
PIN Replacement FREE
Plastic Card Replacement $10.00
Rush Debit Card Replacement $30.00
Withdrawal at NuMark ATM Locations FREE
Notice Regarding Fees by Others
If you use an ATM that is not operated by us or one that does not have a surcharge free display for Credit Union card holders, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network. Our NuMark Credit Union Visa Debit Cards can be used at ATM machines displaying the following logos: Visa; MasterCard; Alliance One; Exchange; Star; Cirrus; Co-op Network.
Deposit of Check Drawn on Non-U.S. Bank
*other fees may apply, see account disclosure
Deposit Checks Returned Unpaid $15.00/check
Duplicate Statement Fee $5.00/month
Express Mail Fee Actual Cost + $5
Garnishment, Levy or Subpoena Processing
*Or Maximum amount allowed by law
Goal Saver Withdrawal (1 Free per quarter) $20.00
Inactive Member Fee (After 12 months of no activity on all shares and loans) $20.00/month
International Transaction Fee
A 1% International Transaction Fee will be assessed on all transactions where the merchant country differs from the country of the card issuer.
IRA Closing Fee $25.00
Money Market Withdrawal (6 Free per quarter) $20.00
Money Order $4.00
Non-notification of Address Change $15.00/month
Non-Return Overdraft $30.00
Official Check $3.00 (First 2 Free/month)
Ordered Coin $.05/roll
Overdraft Protection Transfer of Funds from Savings $5.00/transaction
Quick Ca$h Overdraft Protection Line of Credit $10.00 (annual)
Resubmission of Deposited Checks $15.00/check
Return Draft or ACH $30.00
Return Statement Investigation $25.00
Skip-A-Payment $40.00/loan
Statement Copies $5.00/Statement
Stop Payment $30.00
Telephone Account/Inquiry Transaction
For any telephone inquiry or transaction that could have been done using Audio Response by calling (815) 729-6328 or online banking at
Teller Transaction FREE
Temporary Checks $1.00/each (12 minimum)
Unclaimed Property Processing $25.00
Wire Transfers:
Domestic Wire $25.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
International Wire $75.00
All wires available Monday – Friday with 4:00pm cut off time

Please provide 24 hour advance notice for large cash withdrawals

Effective 01/03/17