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ATM Security

ATMS are vulnerable to a scam called “skimming.” This is when thieves attach a device called a card “skimmer” over the card slot and steals your card information in one swipe. With this information, the scammer can create a counterfeit card and drain your account.

What to do if you’re a victim

If you suspect a skimming device has been installed on a NuMark Credit Union ATM, please contact us immediately at 815-729-3211. Contact your local police department to file a report. Monitor your accounts regularly, either by using our mobile app or online access. If you notice suspicious transactions, report them immediately.

Stay Protected
  • Avoid standalone or unusual-looking ATMs; choose one in well-lit areas.
  • Have your card ready and stand directly in front of the ATM. Leave once your transaction is complete.
  • If you see something suspicious with an ATM keyboard or card slot, stop the transaction and notify the ATM owner immediately.
  • Cover the keyboard with your hand as you enter your PIN and be aware of anyone standing too close.
  • Notify the ATM owner immediately if your card is not returned from the machine.
  • Report all suspected crimes to the ATM operator/owner and to local law enforcement officials.
  • Don’t let other people use your cards or know your PIN – memorize the number instead of writing it down.
  • While using a drive – thru ATM, keep your car doors locked, other windows closed and the engine running.

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