Shred Day

Shred Day in Crest Hill & Tinley Park

We are having a Free Shred Day on Saturday, October 21st at our Crest Hill and Tinley Park locations. Bring up to two paper boxes of your old personal information to shred at our Crest Hill office from 9:00am to 10:30am or at our Tinley Park office from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Destroying your old personal information is a great way to prevent identity theft. This is a free event open to the community!

Shred Times – October 21st
Crest Hill        9:00am – 10:30am
Tinley Park   11:30am – 1:00pm

Sponsored by ShredX.

What documents should I permanently keep?
  • Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Papers, Death Certificates, Military Records, copies of your Will, Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney documents
  • Copies of 1040 tax returns with W-2 stapled to the form (keep at least the past seven years)
  • Non-deductible IRA contributions
  • Year-end financial statements
  • Accident reports and claims
  • Insurance claims/Insurance policies
  • Proof of Ownership, Loan/Mortgage papers
  • Major Debt repayment records
  • Updated household inventory
  • Retirement plan, pension documents, profit sharing, 401(k)
  • Notices/plan amendments for IRA and retirement savings
What documents should I discard after seven years?
  • After seven years for tax related expenses or documents: write off related to worthless securities and non-business bad debts, bank records, paycheck stubs with charitable contributions, credit card statements and canceled check/receipts
  • College financial aid (10 years)
What documents should I keep while you own the item?
  • Car title and purchase papers or lease agreements
  • Deed to house, Home Improvement records (keep seven years after the sale)
  • Documents for large purchase such as cars, jewelry, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Cost and/or basis of investments either bought, inherited, or received as a gift
What documents should I shred?
  • Canceled checks – except those needed for taxes
  • Checks deposited using Mobile Check Deposit that have been deposit for at least 90 days
  • Unwanted credit card offers
  • Receipts of deposits and ATM transactions – once you receive your statement and verify all transactions
  • Bills – once you have paid them and the payment is seen in your account history online or on your bank statement
  • Monthly or quarterly brokerage statements if the annual summarizes all transactions made throughout the year
When are your other Shred Day Dates?

We will have more Shred Days in 2018. Watch our website for dates and locations.

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