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NuMark CU’s Newest Inductees into their President’s Club

March 2018 – NuMark Credit Union announces the two newest inductees into their President’s Club. Congratulations to Joliet Universal Teller, Kristina Acamovic and Tinley Park Teller Supervisor, Sonia Garay.

Kristina Acamovic has been a part of the NuMark team for just over a year and works at their Joliet location. “Not only is Kristina willing to help and take on whatever is brought her way, but she does it with style,” said Ann Dubie, President and CEO. “Many people outside of Kristina’s department nominated her. That shows you how well she lives the NuMark brand.”

Sonia Garay has been with NuMark for over a year as the Teller Supervisor of the Tinley Park location. “Sonia is always very attentive to every member, multitasking and making sure everything runs smoothly,” said Dubie. “She is an exceptional person. Anytime we need her we can count on her to help even on her day off.”

In addition to selecting President’s Club members, NuMark Credit Union awards one of its newest team members with the “Rookie of the Year” award. This award goes to the employee that has been with NuMark less than one year and is noted for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the team. Jesus (Chuy) Reyes is NuMark’s Marketing Graphic/Web Coordinator and was this year’s recipient. “Chuy has brought a new level of talent and sophistication to our Marketing department,” said Dubie. “If you have looked at our website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel you have seen the changes Chuy has brought through our videos. I see only more great things coming from Chuy as he grows his position.”

These NuMark Credit Union team members were chosen for their hard work, dedication and outstanding service to the members of NuMark Credit Union. Credit Unions are owned and operated by their members, the very people they serve. The philosophy of “people helping people” is the heart of the credit union movement. NuMark Credit Union recognizes those employees who go above and beyond to serve their members.

Photo Caption L to R: NuMark Credit Union staff members – Sonia Garay, President’s Club Inductee; Kristina Acamovic, President’s Club Inductee; Ann Dubie, President & CEO; Jesus (Chuy) Reyes, Rookie of the Year Recipient.

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