NuMark Credit Union Helps Rockdale Elementary Entrepreneurship Club

NuMark Credit Union helps Entrepreneurship Club students at Rockdale Elementary. The Entrepreneurship Club program is an innovative partnership between local businesses and schools for children grades 6-8. The Club is based on a curriculum titled: Real Life entrepreneur, where students learn the fundamentals of small business in a fun, hands on program. Over the past several months students created a business plan or came up with an innovative idea to solve a problem in the community. These projects were displayed at the Entrepreneurship Club Expo that took place at the University of St. Francis on Tuesday, April 25th.

NuMark Credit Union CFO and Vice President of Finance, Debbie Reed served as a business advisor to the Rockdale Entrepreneurship Club. She attended after school meetings and helped students along the project process. This year Rockdale students had many great business ideas. Rockdale student Alex Medina’s business was called LoJax, a company where people can quickly find certain items they are always losing (phones, keys, glasses, wallet, etc.) by using GPS technology combined with any online device.  Other creative businesses include Papillon founded by student Madison Horvat. This business is dedicated to improving the quality of art supplies. Cecelia Del Angel founded “Art-O-correct” an app that will correct poor artwork/drawings with a quick scan by a smartphone. Natavia Crudup and Arianna Avila founded “Overseas Beauty.” This business provides makeup tutorials online for special techniques like smoky eyes or glitter lips along with online skin-tone matching for all skin shades.

Zack Smith is the founder of Custom Eyez. Whatever team you are into or other passion you have, Custom Eyez allows you to have your glasses frames printed on a 3-D printer saving you money, but more importantly, allowing you to create your own perfect frame designs. Zack learned to program on Rockdale School’s 3-D printer to make his prototype.

“I am very proud of the accomplishments of these young Entrepreneurs,” said Ms. Jessica C. Barwa, M.S. Ed. Rockdale teacher and Entrepreneurial Club Sponsor. “My favorite part throughout has been that students approach me at all times of the day to tell me about their next big idea. It is rewarding to see them so motivated to succeed.”

At the expo local business leaders and members of the community were able to see firsthand the hard work of students.  Students showcased their business concepts and community problem solutions. “I’m so proud of the students from Rockdale School’s Entrepreneurship Club,” said Reed. “All students did an AMAZING JOB with their projects!”

“I am grateful for the partnership with NuMark which gives students a sense of reality,” said Barwa. “It keeps them in touch with real dreams and plans for futures that seem otherwise hypothetical.”

Rockdale Elementary School is located at 715 Meadow Ave in Rockdale, Illinois. Learn more by visiting their website at .


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