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NuMark Credit Union Employees Surprise Local Businesses

Recently we gave our employees a unique task. Spend cash provided by the credit union at a locally-owned business of their choice. We call this the Community Give Back Program. All full time staff received $50 cash and part time staff received $25 in cash to spend.

Over 75 locally owned business were chosen all surrounding our local communities. After making their purchase, our staff gave the business a card that said “We purchased your services today with money provided from our employer, NuMark Credit Union. This special program is designed to help support locally-owned businesses like yours. Like us, we know you are investing in the community and we want to reach out and show our support.”

Many business owners were amazed that a “bank” would do this. NuMark Credit Union employees were very pleased to explain how credit unions care. They work to serve the community including the businesses and people around them.

This isn’t the first time that we have given our staff the challenge of spending money at nearby local business and it won’t be the last.

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