Retirement Fair

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Retirement Fair

Get on the right track with your Retirement! Regardless of your age, our interactive workshop will help you create a solid financial plan to achieve your retirement goals.

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See the Retirement Fair in Action

Retirement Fair

We will come to your organization for free with all the necessary handouts. We do ask for volunteers to assist in working the different stations. They will receive a short training session before the fair begins.

We can do a small group presentation if needed, although we recommend the fair version. Periodically throughout the year we hold a Retirement Fair at one of our NuMark Credit Union locations. Click here for a listing of our Free Seminars.

The ideal location would be a large open room, or two smaller rooms. We could arrange to come to your location. We also hold this seminar at one of our credit union offices at least annually.

This is an opportunity to help people at your organization to make strategic plans for their retirement. What a great empowerment benefit to be able to offer!

On average a retirement fair lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

The fair is applicable to people of all ages, not just those nearing retirement. It is designed to not only help people adequately save for retirement but it encourages people to plan for all lifestyle aspects of their retirement. If you are working you should be planning for retirement. Starting the savings process young will ensure a solid retirement lifestyle.

After a brief opening discussion, participants visit seven lifestyle booths. Each booth gives the participant the opportunity to ponder a series of questions and then make an assessment about how much they will most likely spend on that aspect of their retirement lifestyle. After visiting each booth they can determine how much money to save for their retirement to fulfill their lifestyle. During the wrap up we will give you tools to help make those calculations.